Paragon Attends Announcement of First Commercial Human Expedition to the Moon

Paragon developing lifesaving technology

Paragon attends announcement of first commercial human expedition to the moon.


WASHINGTON – December 6, 2012 – Paragon Space Development Corporation (Paragon)
was represented today at the National Press Club in Washington DC for the Golden Spike
Company announcement of its intention to provide human expeditions to the Moon on a
commercial basis.

Paragon, of Tucson, AZ, is working with Golden Spike to design and provide the space suit
systems for lunar surface operations as well as the environmental control and life support
systems for the transit spacecraft and lunar lander. The space suit, thermal control and life
support technologies will be a mix of systems developed by NASA and industry, providing a
safe, robust and low cost, commercial solution for Golden Spike Company.

“Golden Spike is an example of the inflection that we are beginning to see in the commercial
human space flight industry.” said Taber MacCallum, Chief Executive Officer of Paragon and a
Board Member of Golden Spike Company.


Your View of The World is About to Change

Your View of The World is About to Change

Statement regarding the FAA determination of World View® as a Commercial Space System:

Majestic views of our planet slowly expand below. The curved horizon hangs under the blackness of
space. The comfort and gentle glide of the vessel spoils passengers as they sail for hours along the
edge of space, and delight in a view that few people have had the honor of surveying…until now.

World View® is pleased to announce plans for a spectacular human flight into nearspace, unlike any
other suborbital spaceflight experience being offered today, allowing passengers to remain aloft for
hours at a comparably affordable price.

The World View spaceflight experience will begin with a gentle ride in the comfort of a luxuriously appointed space-qualified capsule, lifted by a high altitude balloon to 30 km. There, passengers will remain aloft for approximately two hours before gliding back to Earth.

Passengers will be among the few to have seen the curvature of the Earth with their own eyes. They will be able to gaze at the astounding views, the blackness of space, the brilliance of stars and the thin veil of atmosphere enveloping our planet – scenes previously witnessed exclusively by astronauts – for $75,000.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently determined that World View’s spacecraft and its operations fall under the jurisdiction of the office of Commercial Space Flight (51 U.S.C. Chapter 509).

Paragon Space Development Corporation is the vehicle developer. The company brings over 20 years of spaceflight experience and patent-pending technologies to World View, and has already begun component testing. Subscale testing will soon get underway, demonstrating the flight characteristics of the overall integrated system.

“Seeing the Earth hanging in the ink-black void of space will help people realize our connection to our home planet and to the universe around us, and will surely offer a transformative experience to our customers. It is also our goal to open up a whole new realm for exercising human curiosity, scientific research and education,” said Jane Poynter, CEO of World View. “We look forward to pioneering this new, accessible and affordable spaceflight regime, and to sharing the breathtaking, once-in-a-lifetime experience with people from around the globe.”

About World View® Enterprises, Inc.

World View® Enterprises, Inc. is pioneering a new frontier at the edge of space for tourism, research, education and other scientific and commercial pursuits. The firm is offering an accessible, affordable platform to take passengers into nearspace for a human spaceflight experience unlike any other suborbital opportunity being offered today. Propelled by a high-altitude balloon, passengers gently float for hours in the comfort of a space-qualified, luxury capsule, gazing on spectacular views of the planet before gliding back to Earth. World View also offers extensive research and education opportunities. With its partner, Paragon Space Development Corporation, the World View venture is led by experts in high-altitude ballooning, and veterans of human spaceflight and environmental control and life support systems. The entire platform is rooted in technologies that have been successfully used for decades. For more information and to see an animation of the spaceflight, visit

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Paragon is Newest Space Foundation Certification Program Partner

Paragon developing lifesaving technology

Paragon is Newest Space Foundation Certification Program Partner

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Nov. 15, 2012) – Paragon Space Development Corporation® is now a Space Foundation Space Certification Program Partner and has been authorized to carry the Certified Space Technology™ seal. It is being recognized for its Modular Air Revitalization System (MARS).

Designed to be used by astronauts in the hazardous environment of space, the system’s technology has found a lifesaving use in another dangerous occupation – this time on Earth or, rather, under it – coal mining.

Paragon is licensing the air revitalization system it matured under a NASA Space Act Agreement to Mine Shield LLC of Lancaster, Ky., for use in its underground mine refuge chambers. These air-tight metal chambers are lifesaving havens for miners trapped underground, providing air, water and food until rescue.

“This is a great example of NASA investment fostering entrepreneurial activity in other markets,” said Phil McAlister, director of NASA’s Commercial Spaceflight Development in Washington, D.C. “The technology was developed as part of an effort to stimulate the private sector to develop commercial space transportation concepts and enable capabilities for future commercial support of human spaceflight with U.S. taxpayer dollars and Paragon’s private investment. The company then found another market for it, leading to the development of a new commercial product and service, which will help save the lives of American miners.”

Paragon Space Development Corporation® supports NASA Astronaut Visit

Astronauts Doug Hurley (left) and Rex Walheim (right).

Paragon Space Development Corporation® supports NASA Astronaut Visit

Tucson’s aeronautics industry has been helping NASA put astronauts into space for years. Southern Arizona is home to numerous companies whose job is to build parts destined for space. Among these companies is Paragon Space Development Corporation. Paragon is currently building tubing that will be a part of NASA’s next generation of spacecraft: Orion.

Two NASA astronauts, Douglas Hurley and Rex Walheim, recently visited Paragon’s Tucson office.

They toured the facility and gave Paragon an update on the status of the Orion project.
“When we’re in between flights, we have various technical jobs in the astronaut office, and my job is to work with the Orion program,” Walheim said. “(A program that will send) humans farther into space than we ever have before. (And,) Paragon is one of the companies that is helping to make this spacecraft.”

Orion will take astronauts outside of low-Earth-orbit, a first for humans. It is the next step in traveling to places, such as Mars.
Paragon’s part in the project is to build tubing that will be used in the spacecraft’s environmental control and life support system.

Paragon Reaches for the Stars

Press Releases

Tucson Company Continues to Reach For The Stars


TUCSON, Ariz. — In response to proposals submitted to NASA and the Navy, three Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) contracts were recently awarded to Tucson-based Paragon Space Development Corporation. These contracts help Paragon develop technologies that will be a key to the future of space and homeland defense applications, such as advanced thermal control systems and regulated external breathing apparatuses for diving applications in chemical agent environments .

The two SBIR Phase One contracts from NASA will develop technology that may be used in space vehicles and manned lunar bases.

Taber MacCallum, CEO of Paragon, says the first NASA SBIR is the "Integrated Radiator" project that will develop a space radiator that can be designed into the main structure of a spacecraft. Traditionally, radiators are simply added to the outer "skin" of the vehicle. "By performing the double duty of cooling as well as supporting the spacecraft loads, the overall vehicle can be lighter and, therefore, cheaper," MacCallum said.

"The second NASA SBIR is called the ‘Enhanced Vapor Compression Cycle’ or ‘Enhanced VCC’ for short. With it, Paragon will investigate and build a highly efficient way of removing heat from things that get too hot in space."

MacCallum goes on to explain that, "thermal control" is one of the primary challenges facing any space endeavor, from small satellites, to the International Space Station. This technology will allow spacecraft to be safer and less expensive spacecraft and will be important in future lunar base designs.

The single Navy SBIR Phase Two award has direct application for homeland security application in the area of chemical warfare agent protection. By providing "space suit-like" isolation and life support for divers in contaminated waters, they can perform their tasks longer and without threat to their own health.

Paragon has earned a stellar reputation from major aerospace companies and government agencies based on the high quality and professionalism of both its employees and the work it performs. In the past 10 years, Paragon has had a wide variety of contracts in the aerospace industry. They are currently designing the Environmental Control, Life Support and Active Thermal Control systems on the Lockheed-Martin team competing for NASA’s next manned spacecraft.


A woman-owned small business founded in 1993, Paragon Space Development Corporation integrates systems engineering with human factors, risk management, chemistry, and biology for high technology endeavors in water, on land and in space.

Paragon contact: Ken Davidian.
Mailing Address: 2700 East Executive Drive, Suite 100, Tucson, AZ 85706.
Phone: 520-903-1000 ext. 14.
Fax: 520-903-2000.
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Tucson’s Most Progressive Employers

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One of Tucson’s Most Progressive Employers


TUCSON, AZ – Tucson based, Paragon Space Development Corporation was awarded the 2006 Workplace Excellence Grand Prize Award for Small Business in the Tucson area on February 15, 2006. Top companies from all around the Tucson area were nominated by the Arizona Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) State Council for their exceptional and innovative human resource practices.

The annual awards event, which was held at the Westin La Paloma, is dedicated to recognizing companies that have been nominated by their employees or members of the community for their exceptional employment practices.

“We at Paragon are committed to developing our employees’ skills and helping them successfully reach their professional and personal goals.” Taber MacCallum, CEO Paragon Space Development Corporation.

Paragon is a leader in life support, environmental control and thermal control systems designed for extreme environments such as space.

Paragon, founded in 1993, is a full-service aerospace engineering and technology development firm specializing in life support in extreme environments. Paragon is a major supplier of environmental control and life support system and sub-system design for the aerospace industry with expertise in thermal control for orbiting and re-entering spacecraft and hyper-velocity aircraft. For more information, see:

For more information, press only:
Carol Leon, Paragon SDC 520-903-1000 ext 14

Paragon Grand Opening of New Building and ECLSS Human-Rating Facility

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Paragon Space Development Corporation Announces The Grand Opening Of Its New Building And ECLSS Human-Rating Facility


Tucson, AZ — Paragon Space Development Corporation announces the opening of its new facility in Tucson, Arizona with a ribbon cutting event on August 21st at 3pm. The new facilities accommodate the increased market demands in development and production of life support systems for extreme environments. The new facility houses a unique human rating facility for commercial space flights, manufacturing area for our patented space and underwater products and laboratory and office space to continue our leading edge research.

This 16,000+ sf new facility is complete with approximately 6,000 square feet devoted to an easy-access highbay, plus laboratories, workshop, bonded storage, and a ~240 square-foot class 10,000 clean room. The remainder of the building is used for Mission Monitoring Room, engineering design, conference room and offices.

The highbay also houses Paragon’s ECLSS Human-rating Facility, a 180 cubic-foot altitude chamber, capable of simulating cabin and spacecraft exterior air pressures throughout any flight profile. The chamber can test hardware in off-nominal scenarios that could not be performed in a flight vehicle.

The highbay, laboratory and workshop infrastructure contain standard prototyping tools and test equipment, including electrical diagnostic equipment. In addition, the labs house flow and material testing facilities with gas chromatographs, a temperature controlled chamber (-125°C to 150°C), bench-top vacuum chamber, microscopes, growth chambers, and standard instrumentation and equipment such as wet chemistry and environmental monitoring and control systems.

“The new facility will allow us to meet our present and future customer needs for designing, development, manufacturing, and specialty testing for the foreseeable future. This facility illustrates our confidence in the growing space, flight and underwater environmental and thermal control market,” said Taber MacCallum, CEO of Paragon.

“The Human Rating Facility will be one-of-a-kind in the aerospace world–able to perform end-to-end testing of suborbital and orbital spacecraft environmental control system,” said Grant Anderson, VP of Engineering. “Combined with our 200 foot capable depth chamber used to test diving system, we can truly test our systems from underwater to the vacuum of space. There’s no other company in the world that can do that all under one roof.”

Paragon, founded in 1993, is a full-service aerospace engineering and technology development firm specializing in life support in extreme environments. Paragon is a major supplier of environmental control and life support system and sub-system design for the aerospace industry with expertise in thermal control for orbiting and re-entering spacecraft and hyper-velocity aircraft. For more information, see:

For more information, press only:
Carole Hammond, Paragon SDC 520-903-1000 ext 14

Comprehensive Human Support Services for Commercial Spaceflight Industry

Press Releases

Wyle and Paragon Announce Comprehensive Human Support Services for Commercial Spaceflight Industry


EL SEGUNDO, Calif., May 25 — A joint effort to provide comprehensive human support services for the growing commercial human spaceflight industry was announced by Wyle Laboratories Inc. and Paragon Space Development Corporation today at the International Space Development Conference.

These services will help commercial human spaceflight providers screen potential customers and flight crew, prepare them for flight, provide medical and human factors support during the flight, provide the hardware systems necessary to keep the commercial astronauts alive, healthy and comfortable in space, and, if necessary, help them readapt to ground life after their space flight.

“Combining our hardware expertise in developing life support systems with Wyle’s years of experience in supporting all aspects of human spaceflight allow our team to provide unprecedented service to the commercial human spaceflight community,” said Taber McCallum, CEO of Paragon Space Development Corporation of Tucson, Ariz.

“Paragon has a strong history of working with spacecraft and aircraft teams to solve the most challenging problems, specializing in complex thermal analysis and thermal control system designs. This allows for a more customized solution for each specific need along with practical Environmental Control and Life Support systems, human factors and crew systems solutions optimized for specific applications in extreme environments.”

Paragon’s patent-pending Environmental Control and Life Support System Human Rating Facility gives it the unique ability to fully test and certify life support and thermal control hardware by testing extreme scenarios in a safe and cost effective manner in a laboratory chamber environment.

“Wyle’s expertise in space medicine and human performance in space means we can ensure space flight customers are prepared for flight,” said Dr. Vernon McDonald, Wyle’s director of commercial human spaceflight. Through its life sciences services contracts with NASA, Wyle has supported more than two-thirds of all people who have traveled into space.

Taken together, this combined approach to passenger health and life support can help reduce the overall risk of spaceflight, and potentially reduce the liability costs incurred by the commercial spaceflight companies.

“With many commercial companies developing plans to send paying customers into space in the next few years, the need for systems and services to support those customers is immediate,” said McDonald.

Founded in 1993, Paragon Space Development Corporation is a full-service aerospace engineering and technology development firm. Paragon is a major supplier of Environmental Control and Life Support System and sub-system design for the aerospace industry with expertise in thermal control for orbiting and re-entering spacecraft and hyper-velocity aircraft. For more information, see:

Wyle Laboratories, Inc., a privately held company headquartered in El Segundo, Calif., is a leader in providing high tech aerospace engineering, testing and research services to commercial, industrial and government customers. The company also provides life sciences services, special test systems and other technical support services to the aerospace, defense, nuclear power, communications and transportation industries. For more information, see:

For more information, press only:
Carole Hammond, Paragon SDC 520-903-1000 ext 14

Dan Reeder of Wyle media relations 310-563-6834

Governors Celebration Of Innovation Award Finalists

Press Releases

Governors Celebration Of Innovation Award Finalists Selected For Their Innovation And Impact On Arizonas Technology Community


Winners will be Announced at the Awards Ceremony December 6 and Will Commemorate Arizona’s Top Technological and Business Achievements

Tempe, Arizona – (September 27, 2007) –The Arizona Technology Council, in partnership with the Arizona Department of Commerce, announced today the following companies have been chosen as finalists for the Governor’s Celebration of Innovation in their respected categories. The award recipients were selected by an independent selection committee comprised of local business and academic leaders, based on their contribution to the business and technology community and their technological innovation. One company, within each category, will be announced as the winner on the night of the awards gala.

The award categories and finalists are as follows:

The Pioneering Innovation Award

  • Global Solar Energy
  • Iridium Satellite, LLC
  • ESS

The Innovator of the Year Award

Note: “Innovator of the Year” distinction is comprised of four levels.

Innovator of the Year Award – Start-up

  • iMemories
  • MSDx LLC
  • MedApps, Inc.

Innovator of the Year Award- Small Company

  • Inilex, Inc.
  • LifeLock
  • Paragon Space Development Corporation

Innovator of the Year Award- Large Company

  • Intel Corporation
  • Axway
  • Raytheon Missile Systems

Innovator of the Year Award- Academia

  • BiO5 Institute at The University of Arizona
    • Project: BIO5 Drug Discovery and Development Initiative
  • The University of Arizona
    • Phoenix Mars Mission
  • Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University
    • Project: Center for Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology

William F. McWhortor Community Service Leader of the Year Award

  • Terree Parlett Wasley
  • ASU Technopolis
  • Bob Horn
  • Cybernetic Research Laboratories, Inc.
  • Brian Mueller
  • University of Phoenix/Apollo Group, Inc.

Ed Denison Business Leader of the Year Award

  • Chuck Vermillion, President
  • One Neck IT Services, Corp.
  • Vicki L. Chandler, PhD
  • BIO5 Institute at The University of Arizona
  • James H. Hooker, President and CEO
  • Televerde

Pioneering Innovation Award

  • Global Solar Energy
  • Iridium Satellite, LLC
  • ESS

Young Innovator of the Year Award Winners

The “Best of the Best” of the Arizona Engineering and Science Fairs (grades 9-12) for the year 2006. Each of these students will receive a $1000 scholarship to further enhance their education.

  • Edward Lee – ’07- ’08 Senior
    Hamilton High School- Chandler, Arizona
    Category: Engineering
    Sub-category: Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
    Project: A Universal Unique and Efficient Heating & Cooling System for Industrial and Commercial
    Use: A Mathematically Rigorous Approach
  • Parker Owan – ’07- ’08 Senior
    Category: Energy & Transportation
    Sub-category: Aerodynamics
    Project: Maximizing Wind Power: Considering the Effects of Solidarity and Wing Shape on the Performance of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
  • William Guarino – College Freshman
    Salpointe Catholic High School – Tucson, Arizona
    Category: Engineering
    Sub-category: Materials Science
    Project: A Lighter Metal: High Cycle Fatigue Strength of a new AZ91D-F Magnesium/7075-T651 Aluminum Composite
  • Niles Frazier – College Freshman
    Tucson High School- Tucson, Arizona Tech Council
    Category: Cellular & Molecular Biology
    Sub-category: GENE
    Project: Optimization of Sense-RNAi Efficiency

Teacher of the Year Award:

Timothy J. Barry
Salpointe Catholic HS
1545 E Copper Street
Tucson, AZ 85719-3199
Courses taught: Honors Chemistry. Organic Biochemistry, Science Research

About the Governor’s Celebration of Innovation

The Governor’s Celebration of Innovation was established in 2003 by combining two technology award ceremonies: the High Tech Industry Cluster’s 17-year student awards ceremony and the Arizona Software and Internet Association’s 10-year “Celebration of Innovation”. With the addition of the Governor’s support, the Governor’s Celebration of Innovation has become the premier technology community gathering of its kind in Arizona. The inaugural Governor’s Celebration of Innovation took place in November 2003 and was a colossal success with over 1,200 in attendance.

About Arizona Technology Council

The Arizona Technology Council’s vision is for Arizona to be recognized as a top-tier center for technology-based industries and businesses with an education system that produces a best-of-class 21st century workforce. The Council’s mission is to drive partnerships, policies and programs that advance the business climate for Arizona’s technology community. The Arizona Technology Council is the largest member-driven technology association in the state representing the interests of over 200,000 employees across more than 500 of the leading technology companies their support firms, educational institutions and state-wide economic development groups that collectively form Arizona’s technology community. For more information, visit

About Arizona Department of Commerce

Collaborating with economic development partners statewide, the Arizona Department of Commerce works to create jobs, expand the tax base, increase per capita income and promote a globally competitive business environment. The agency provides reliable information and research, community assistance, targeted business attraction and development coupled with strategic workforce development. Nationally and internationally, the Department of Commerce promotes Arizona assets: a growing, high-tech workforce; competitive operating environment; easy access to major markets; affordable, available real estate; reliable utilities; abundant natural resources and an unmatched quality of life. For more information, visit