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Grant Anderson Named President and CEO of Paragon Space Development Corporation

TUCSON, AZ – November 3, 2014 – Just prior to the record-breaking, near space dive by the Paragon StratEx team and Google Executive, Alan Eustace, Paragon’s Board of Directors announced that Jane Poynter and Taber MacCallum had resigned from their positions as President and CEO in order to become leaders of World View Enterprises, a space tourism vanguard opportunity incubated within Paragon.

Grant Anderson, former Paragon COO, has since been named Paragon’s new President and CEO while Ron Sable, a member of the Paragon Board of Directors, was elected Chairman of the Paragon Board.

“We are thankful for Jane and Taber’s leadership over the past 21 years as Paragon has grown to be a premier supplier of life support systems and technology and achieved great technical advancements and industry firsts,” said Mr. Sable. “We wish them both the best success in building this ground-breaking new company.”

“I am excited for the future of Paragon and honored to be leading such a first-class team of professionals.” Mr. Anderson stated, “Paragon will continue aligning its strategic goals of being the premier supplier of life support and thermal technologies with growing revenues and advancing new technologies.”

Mr. Anderson will report to Paragon’s Board of Directors and will be responsible for the organization’s management, operations, and infrastructure.

In departing, Mr. MacCallum stated, “I am proud of all of Paragon’s accomplishments over the last two decades as we have transformed from a small research and development company to a pillar in the space community known for its valuable expertise and production of environmental control and life support systems. I am sincerely grateful for the support Jane and I have received from the Paragon Board of Directors, our customers and our employees. Paragon is well positioned and on a clear path to continued success.”

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PARAGON COMPLETES record-breaking near-space dive via high-altitude balloon

Alan Eustace and the Paragon StratEx Team make stratospheric exploration history at over 135,000 feet

ROSWELL, NM – Oct. 24, 2014 – Today, after 34 months of intense planning, development and training, Alan Eustace, supported by Paragon Space Development Corporation® (Paragon) and its Stratospheric Explorer (StratEx) team, made history with a near-space dive from a high-altitude balloon at approximately 135,000 feet. Eustace broke several records, including national record for highest exit altitude; world and national record for free fall under a drogue chute; national record for vertical speed. Additionally, he became the second person to break the sound barrier outside an aircraft.

Eustace was lifted to his peak altitude by a helium-filled scientific balloon while wearing a custom-made pressurized spacesuit. At over 135,000 feet, he began his dive, remaining in free fall for approximately 4.5 minutes before landing safely nearly 70 miles from his launch point.

NASA Selects U.S. Firms to Provide Commercial Suborbital Flight Services

TUCSON, AZ (September 8, 2014) — NASA has selected four companies to integrate and fly technology payloads on commercial suborbital reusable platforms that carry payloads near the boundary of space. The selection is part of NASA’s continuing effort to foster a viable market for American commercial reusable suborbital platforms that allow testing of new space technologies within Earth’s atmosphere.

Through these new awards, selected companies will receive an indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contract for integration and flight services, drawing from a pool of commercial space companies. The three-year contracts have two-year extension options and a minimum value of $100,000. The flights will carry a variety of payloads during five diverse flight profiles to help meet the agency’s research and technology needs.

Paragon Space Development Corporation® Supports Arizona Aerospace Association in Taking Technology to the Edge of Space

TUCSON, AZ (February 13, 2014) — Paragon Space development Corporation® announced in 2013 that it was entering a new line of business, commercial space travel. With the backing of several major investors, Paragon formed World View, which will give the public the opportunity to buy a seat on a commercial flight to the edge of Earth’s atmosphere. Other companies are planning similar ventures.

In order to attract commercial space ventures such as World View, Representatives Orr, Cardenas, Dial, Sherwood, Steele, Borrelli and Livingston introduced Bill HB 2163 Limited Liability: Space Flight Activities. Arizona will need to adopt such a bill, which several states (Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, California, Virginia and Florida) have already passed, to provide for a waiver of liability by passengers on such travel, under certain circumstances. The Texas Legislature passed such a bill in 2011, and the proposed bill HB2163 would adopt similar legislation in Arizona.

Federal regulations address the operation of space travel entities and establish requirements in terms of operating and licensing space travel activities. "Any space travel conducted by Paragon or World View has to comply with these Federal Aviation Administration requirements. One requirement includes notice to space travel participants regarding the risks of space travel activities. The proposed legislation describes notice to space travel participants regarding the risks of participating in space travel activities, establishes language that a space travel entity must include in any agreement if the space travel entity wants to obtain a liability waiver, and sets the terms, limits and conditions of such a waiver," said Taber MacCallum, CEO of Paragon Space Development Corporation and CTO of World View Enterprises, Inc.

Paragon Space Development Corporation® supports NASA Astronaut visit by Douglas G. Hurley (Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps, Retired) and Rex J. Walheim (Colonel, USAF, Retired)

TUCSON, AZ (July 09, 2013) — Paragon Space Development Corporation® announced that on Wednesday, July 10th it will host astronauts Douglas Hurley and Rex Walheim for a private facility tour and special presentation on NASA’s new Orion spacecraft.

Orion will have the ability to send humans to asteroids and eventually Mars. Its first uncrewed test flight will take place next year, when it will be launched farther into space than any spacecraft designed for humans has gone in more than 40 years, and return to Earth at speeds greater than 20,000 miles per hour.

Paragon attends annoucement of first commercial human expedition to the moon

WASHINGTON — December 6, 2012 — Paragon Space Development Corporation (Paragon) was represented today at the National Press Club in Washington DC for the Golden Spike Company announcement of its intention to provide human expeditions to the Moon on a commercial basis.

Paragon, of Tucson, AZ, is working with Golden Spike to design and provide the space suit systems for lunar surface operations as well as the environmental control and life support systems for the transit spacecraft and lunar lander. The space suit, thermal control and life support technologies will be a mix of systems developed by NASA and industry, providing a safe, robust and low cost, commercial solution for Golden Spike Company.

Paragon Space Development Corporation Joins SpaceX Commercial Crew Development Team

Paragon Space Development Corporation Completes All Development Milestones on the NASA Commercial Crew Development Program

Paragon Space Development Corporation Completes another Major Milestone on the NASA Commercial Crew and Cargo Program

Paragon Named one of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies by Inc. Magazine

Paragon Space Development Corporation Completes Major Milestone on the NASA Commercial Crew and Cargo Program

Google Lunar X PRIZE Contender Odyssey Moon Partners with Paragon Space Development Corporation to Grow first Plant on the Moon

U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords to tour Paragon Space Development Corporation as Tucson firm celebrates newest contracts with NASA, the US Navy and Odyssey Moon

Paragon Honored as One of 2008 “Comerica Bank Arizona Companies to Watch”

Paragon Space Development Corporation listed in Inc. Magazine as one of America’s 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies

Paragon Opens Washington, DC, Office

NASA honors Paragon for Innovative Research

Paragon Space Development Corporation to be Honored as Tibbetts Award Winner

Governors Celebration Of Innovation Award Finalists Selected For Their Innovation And Impact On Arizona’s Technology Community


Wyle and Paragon Announce Comprehensive Human Support Services for Commercial Spaceflight Industry

Paragon Announces the Opening of Its New Facility

Paragon awarded 2006 Workplace Excellence Grand Prize Award for Small Business in Tucson

Tucson Company Continues to Reach for the Stars