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Paragon Space Development Corporation® Named Boeing Supplier for New American Crew Transportation System

TUCSON, AZ (April 27, 2015) – Paragon was recently awarded a contract by The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] to provide services to support their Crew Space Transportation System (CCTS) and Crew Space Transportation (CST)-100 spacecraft. Specifically, Paragon will provide the CST-100 Humidity Control Subassembly (HCS) for cabin atmospheric humidity control.

“We are excited to see this commitment from NASA which will allow commercial companies like Boeing to take the lead on low-Earth orbit transportation,” said Grant Anderson, Paragon President and CEO. “Private human space transportation services provide not only a reliable and safe vehicle but will reduce overall costs to all customers looking to travel into low-Earth orbit. The positive impact on small businesses like Paragon, as well as the opportunity for new markets, is also encouraging”.

Paragon’s HCS is based on patent-pending humidity control technology developed under a NASA Commercial Crew Development 1 (CCDev1) Space Act Agreement designed to stimulate the private sector in the development of safe, reliable and cost-effective space transportation. The humidity control system is one of seven systems that comprise Paragon’s Commercial Crew Transport-Air Revitalization System (CCT-ARS) which was developed through the flight Preliminary Design Review (PDR) in 2010 for commercial crew transport applications. Paragon’s resulting CST-100 HCS meets Boeing needs as a robust, simple and low mass humidity control solution for a variety of applications. Boeing’s CST-100 is being developed as part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, which aims to resume U.S.-based flights to space by 2017. The CST-100 will transport up to seven passengers or a mix of crew and cargo to the International Space Station (ISS) and other low-Earth orbit destinations.

Under the Commercial Crew Transportation (CCtCap) phase of the program, Boeing will build three CST-100s at the company’s Commercial Crew and Cargo Processing Facility at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The spacecraft will undergo a pad-abort test, an uncrewed flight test and the first crewed flight to the ISS in 2017.

Earlier this year, Boeing completed the first two milestones in the CCtCap phase, the Certification Baseline Review (CBR) and Ground System Critical Design Review (CDR). The completion of the Certification Baseline Review allows construction on system hardware, including the spacecraft and United Launch Alliance (ULA) launch vehicle adaptor, to begin. It also keeps the effort on track for achieving human-rated certification of the vehicle and ULA Atlas V rocket. The Ground System CDR evaluates all the ground operations and systems, mission operation systems, facilities, training systems, including mock-ups and trainers, and the control center.

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Paragon Space Development Corporation® to Attend NASA Technology Day on Capitol Hill

TUCSON, AZ (April 20, 2015) – Paragon is proud to announce that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has invited us to attend NASA Technology Day, April 29, on Capitol Hill.  Paragon will display a prototype of its patented gas reconditioning system, Metabolic heat-regenerated Temperature Swing Adsorption (MTSA) which was designed for thermal, carbon dioxide and humidity control for a Martian Portable Life Support Subsystem.

Several of Paragon’s technology advancements, including MTSA, stem from NASA Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants, which are designed to help small businesses bring new products to the commercial market while simultaneously providing research and development for the agency.

“Supporting NASA not only with the mission needs behind these SBIR contracts but with the demonstration and display of the hardware derived, is something we at Paragon feel strongly about,” said Grant Anderson, Paragon President, CEO and Co-Founder. “Supporting NASA’s SBIR programs is critical to our success as well as the future of technology advancement opportunities for small businesses working in the space technology field.”
In the fall of 2005, NASA Johnson Space Center solicited proposals to perform Low Technology Readiness Level (TRL) alternative CO2 control technology research for Martian Portable Life Support System (PLSS) applications.  MTSA was selected, being a new concept with literally no prior development.
Paragon’s MTSA technology supports NASA’s mission to explore deep space by providing affordable, sustainable life support systems for longer duration missions.  It is one of only many SBIR-supported technologies Paragon has developed over 22 years which have included water recovery systems, air revitalization systems and thermal control hardware.
NASA Technology Day is open to the public and will take place at the Rayburn Building in Washington, D.C. from 3 – 7 p.m. on April 29, 2015.

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Paragon Space Development Corporation® Contributes to NASA’s Future Human Exploration Capabilities in Deep Space

TUCSON, AZ (April, 2015) – NASA’s vision to have an American spacecraft launch from American soil and set off to explore deep space is one step closer to being a reality. On December 5th, 2014 the Orion spacecraft experienced a perfect launch and spent more than four hours in Earth’s orbit before performing what was called a “bulls-eye” splashdown in the Pacific Ocean.

This launch was performed to test the critical parts of the capsule including the heat shield, parachutes and all the sections discharged during ascent and entry. Paragon Space Development Corporation provided the tubing for the life support system that controls everything from oxygen to heating and cooling as well a critical sensor package. For Paragon, years of hard work have paid off now that its hardware has flown on Orion.

“With unmanned tests like this one, we as manufacturers can see how the critical components hold up in high stress scenarios ensuring that when the flight is manned and under normal conditions everything works as it is intended,” said Grant Anderson, Paragon President and CEO. “With critical components like a life support system, you need to deliver to exacting tolerances and uncompromising quality so that the hardware performs flawlessly.”

Paragon is one of Lockheed Martin’s subcontractors who worked on the Orion spacecraft program. “With Lockheed at the helm, Paragon supports theirs and NASA’s vision to have Orion be the most reliable, safe and affordable option to provide human spaceflight to destinations in deep space including asteroids, around the moon, and Mars,” said Mr. Anderson.

On April 8th, 2015 the Lockheed Martin and NASA Orion Program Managers thanked the employees of Paragon for their contribution with a presentation highlighting the accomplishments of the entire Orion team along with a certificate for outstanding performance in their contributions to the successful Exploration Flight Test-1 mission.

NASA’s commitment to deep space exploration is set to have humans to set foot on Mars by the end of the 2030’s. With only two test flights planned before astronauts launch into space on Orion in 2021, NASA is on a clear path to have human footprints on the red planet.

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Seven Aviation and Aerospace Projects and Accomplishments to Compete for the 2014 Robert J. Collier Trophy

Contact: Stephanie Berry
703-416-4888 ext 104

Washington, DC, February 3, 2015 -- The National Aeronautic Association today announced that seven aviation and aerospace projects will compete for the 2014 Robert J. Collier Trophy.

For 103 years the Collier Trophy has been the benchmark of aviation and aerospace achievement. Awarded annually "…for the greatest achievement in aeronautics or astronautics in America," it has been bestowed upon some of the most important projects, programs, individuals, and accomplishments in our history. Past winners include the crews of Apollo 11 and Apollo 8, the Mercury 7, Scott Crossfield, Elmer Sperry, and Howard Hughes. Projects and programs which have been the recipient of the Collier include the B-52, the Polaris Missile, the Surveyor Moon Landing Program, the Boeing 747, the Cessna Citation, the Gulfstream V, the F-22, and the International Space Station. The 2013 Collier was awarded to the Northrop Grumman, the U.S. Navy, and the X-47B Industry Team for developing and demonstrating the first unmanned autonomous air system operating from an aircraft carrier.

The nominees this year are:

  • Alan Eustace and the StratEx Team
  • Embraer Legacy 500
  • F-16 Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance Team
  • General Aviation Joint Steering Committee
  • Gulfstream G650
  • Orion Exploration Flight Test-1
  • Orion UAS Team

Led by NAA Chairman Jim Albaugh, the Selection Committee will consist of leaders representing organizations throughout aviation and aerospace. Included on the Committee are two former recipients of the Collier Trophy:

Larry James – NASA/JPL Mars Curiosity Rover (2012)
Carl Johnson – Northrop Grumman X47-B (2013)

The Selection Committee also includes:

Richard Aboulafia, The Teal Group
Ali Bahrami, AIA
David Bailoff, Embraer
Andrew Broom, Honda Aircraft Company
Steve Callaghan, NAA Awards And Events Committee
Steve Champness, Aero Club of Metropolitan Atlanta
Brian Chase, Textron Aviation
Dave Coleal, Spirit AeroSystems
Barry Eccleston, Airbus Group
Dave Franson, Wichita Aero Club
Randy Greene, Safe Flight Instrument Corporation
T.C. Jones, Northrop Grumman
Tim Keating, The Boeing Company
Leo Knaapen, Bombardier Aerospace
Joe Lombardo, General Dynamics
Dr. Sandy Magnus, AIAA
Dave Manke, United Technologies/Pratt & Whitney
Mary Miller, Signature Flight Support
Stan O’Connor, GE Aviation
Ken Panos, AeroJet Rocketdyne
Steve Plummer, Rolls-Royce North America
Skip Ringo, The Ringo Group
Bob Rubino, Lockheed Martin
Laurie Sussman, Rockwell Collins
John Tylko, Aurora Flight Sciences
Mark Van Tine, Jeppessen

Jonathan Gaffney, President and CEO of NAA, will serve as the Director of the process and is a non-voting member of the Committee.

The Selection Committee will meet on Wednesday, March 11th, in Arlington, Virginia, and the winner will be announced that evening at the NAA Spring Awards Dinner to be held at the Crystal Gateway Marriott.

The formal presentation of the Collier Trophy will take place at a later date at the Collier Dinner in Arlington, Virginia. More information can be found at

The National Aeronautic Association is a non-profit, membership organization devoted to fostering America’s aerospace leadership and promoting public understanding of the importance of aviation and space flight to the United States.

Grant Anderson Named President and CEO of Paragon Space Development Corporation

TUCSON, AZ – November 3, 2014 – Just prior to the record-breaking, near space dive by the Paragon StratEx team and Google Executive, Alan Eustace, Paragon’s Board of Directors announced that Jane Poynter and Taber MacCallum had resigned from their positions as President and CEO in order to become leaders of World View Enterprises, a space tourism vanguard opportunity incubated within Paragon.

Grant Anderson, former Paragon COO, has since been named Paragon’s new President and CEO while Ron Sable, a member of the Paragon Board of Directors, was elected Chairman of the Paragon Board.

“We are thankful for Jane and Taber’s leadership over the past 21 years as Paragon has grown to be a premier supplier of life support systems and technology and achieved great technical advancements and industry firsts,” said Mr. Sable. “We wish them both the best success in building this ground-breaking new company.”

“I am excited for the future of Paragon and honored to be leading such a first-class team of professionals.” Mr. Anderson stated, “Paragon will continue aligning its strategic goals of being the premier supplier of life support and thermal technologies with growing revenues and advancing new technologies.”

Mr. Anderson will report to Paragon’s Board of Directors and will be responsible for the organization’s management, operations, and infrastructure.

In departing, Mr. MacCallum stated, “I am proud of all of Paragon’s accomplishments over the last two decades as we have transformed from a small research and development company to a pillar in the space community known for its valuable expertise and production of environmental control and life support systems. I am sincerely grateful for the support Jane and I have received from the Paragon Board of Directors, our customers and our employees. Paragon is well positioned and on a clear path to continued success.”

* * *

PARAGON COMPLETES record-breaking near-space dive via high-altitude balloon

Alan Eustace and the Paragon StratEx Team make stratospheric exploration history at over 135,000 feet

ROSWELL, NM – Oct. 24, 2014 – Today, after 34 months of intense planning, development and training, Alan Eustace, supported by Paragon Space Development Corporation® (Paragon) and its Stratospheric Explorer (StratEx) team, made history with a near-space dive from a high-altitude balloon at approximately 135,000 feet. Eustace broke several records, including national record for highest exit altitude; world and national record for free fall under a drogue chute; national record for vertical speed. Additionally, he became the second person to break the sound barrier outside an aircraft.

Eustace was lifted to his peak altitude by a helium-filled scientific balloon while wearing a custom-made pressurized spacesuit. At over 135,000 feet, he began his dive, remaining in free fall for approximately 4.5 minutes before landing safely nearly 70 miles from his launch point.

NASA Selects U.S. Firms to Provide Commercial Suborbital Flight Services

TUCSON, AZ (September 8, 2014) — NASA has selected four companies to integrate and fly technology payloads on commercial suborbital reusable platforms that carry payloads near the boundary of space. The selection is part of NASA’s continuing effort to foster a viable market for American commercial reusable suborbital platforms that allow testing of new space technologies within Earth’s atmosphere.

Through these new awards, selected companies will receive an indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contract for integration and flight services, drawing from a pool of commercial space companies. The three-year contracts have two-year extension options and a minimum value of $100,000. The flights will carry a variety of payloads during five diverse flight profiles to help meet the agency’s research and technology needs.

Paragon Space Development Corporation® Supports Arizona Aerospace Association in Taking Technology to the Edge of Space

TUCSON, AZ (February 13, 2014) — Paragon Space development Corporation® announced in 2013 that it was entering a new line of business, commercial space travel. With the backing of several major investors, Paragon formed World View, which will give the public the opportunity to buy a seat on a commercial flight to the edge of Earth’s atmosphere. Other companies are planning similar ventures.

In order to attract commercial space ventures such as World View, Representatives Orr, Cardenas, Dial, Sherwood, Steele, Borrelli and Livingston introduced Bill HB 2163 Limited Liability: Space Flight Activities. Arizona will need to adopt such a bill, which several states (Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, California, Virginia and Florida) have already passed, to provide for a waiver of liability by passengers on such travel, under certain circumstances. The Texas Legislature passed such a bill in 2011, and the proposed bill HB2163 would adopt similar legislation in Arizona.

Federal regulations address the operation of space travel entities and establish requirements in terms of operating and licensing space travel activities. "Any space travel conducted by Paragon or World View has to comply with these Federal Aviation Administration requirements. One requirement includes notice to space travel participants regarding the risks of space travel activities. The proposed legislation describes notice to space travel participants regarding the risks of participating in space travel activities, establishes language that a space travel entity must include in any agreement if the space travel entity wants to obtain a liability waiver, and sets the terms, limits and conditions of such a waiver," said Taber MacCallum, CEO of Paragon Space Development Corporation and CTO of World View Enterprises, Inc.

Paragon Space Development Corporation® supports NASA Astronaut visit by Douglas G. Hurley (Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps, Retired) and Rex J. Walheim (Colonel, USAF, Retired)

Paragon Attends Announcement of First Commercial Human Expedition to the Moon

Paragon Space Development Corporation Joins SpaceX Commercial Crew Development Team

Paragon Space Development Corporation Completes All Development Milestones on the NASA Commercial Crew Development Program

Paragon Space Development Corporation Completes another Major Milestone on the NASA Commercial Crew and Cargo Program

Paragon Named one of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies by Inc. Magazine

Paragon Space Development Corporation Completes Major Milestone on the NASA Commercial Crew and Cargo Program

Google Lunar X PRIZE Contender Odyssey Moon Partners with Paragon Space Development Corporation to Grow first Plant on the Moon

U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords to tour Paragon Space Development Corporation as Tucson firm celebrates newest contracts with NASA, the US Navy and Odyssey Moon

Paragon Honored as One of 2008 “Comerica Bank Arizona Companies to Watch”

Paragon Space Development Corporation listed in Inc. Magazine as one of America’s 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies

Paragon Opens Washington, DC, Office

NASA honors Paragon for Innovative Research

Paragon Space Development Corporation to be Honored as Tibbetts Award Winner

Governors Celebration Of Innovation Award Finalists Selected For Their Innovation And Impact On Arizona’s Technology Community


Wyle and Paragon Announce Comprehensive Human Support Services for Commercial Spaceflight Industry

Paragon Announces the Opening of Its New Facility

Paragon awarded 2006 Workplace Excellence Grand Prize Award for Small Business in Tucson

Tucson Company Continues to Reach for the Stars