Human Thermal Modeling

Human Thermal Modeling

Paragon’s 3-D human thermal analysis tool integrates our human thermoregulatory system model into the Thermal Desktop analysis platform to provide the capability to model crew member, suit geometry, life support hardware/geometry, vehicles or environment into one complete system model. This high level of model integration gives information on interaction between crew member and life support system, complex 3-D interactions with the surrounding environment including solar heating, radiation heat transfer, and vehicles, and allows us to significantly reduce cost and uncertainty in suit and vehicle design for exploration, hazardous, and extreme environments. Paragon’s expert human modeling team can import any geometric model and system geometry into our toolset to help our customers understand how their system works with a simulated human in-the-loop.

Example analysis:

  • Suit environment design/survivability studies. Lunar Cold environment suit and crew-member temperatures. (Figure 1.)
  • Portable Life Support System (PLSS) component temperatures with integrated liquid cooling system during high met-rate work phase in Lunar Hot environment (Figure 2.)

Software includes Thermal Desktop, TUFaDHS, Wissler, Fortran, and Python.

Figure 1
Figure 2