Extreme Environmental Suits

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Extreme Environmental Suits

Paragon’s expertise in advanced life support technologies has translated into developing technically-advanced space suits to protect our customers in extreme environments whether in  space, on earth, or subsea.

Paragon Dive System™

Paragon developed the Paragon Dive System™ for the US Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA). PDS is a surface-fed, fully encapsulated protection system that isolates divers from the hazards found in grossly contaminated (Category 1) water. Other applications include chemical warfare.

Constellation Space Suit

With a team led by Oceaneering Space Systems, Paragon worked to engineer a suit to meet NASA’s stringent requirements. Paragon led thermal modeling and analysis of integrated suit, human, and PLSS as well as designed and delivered thermal and PLSS components.

StratEx Space Suit

Paragon designed and built the first new operational spacesuit in 40 years. The suit included state-of-the-art technology to provide a safe and comfortable environment for the pilot throughout the StratEx mission. The integrated oxygen supply assembly, provides an eight hour capacity and an extra hour of oxygen usable in the event of an emergency.