Integrated Support Systems

Integrated Support Systems & Electronics

Paragon designs and delivers integrated life support systems and electronics. As spacecraft systems and CONOPS are becoming more sophisticated, modern ECLSS implementations are having to stay in lockstep. Paragon has developed an in-house ECLSS/TCS electronics team which allows complete turnkey solutions. This enables us to deliver electronics that work well more quickly and less expensively as well as provide exceptional agility to meet changing customer requirements.

Related programs include StratEx and the ISS Brine Processor Assembly:

  • Paragon was the prime systems integrator on the StratEx™ mission for manned exploration of the stratosphere above 135,000 feet (41.4 km). Paragon designed and manufactured the ECLSS and ATCS for the pressure suit and led mission operations (launch, tracking, landing, recovery, and support) while managing >20 subcontractors. The StratEx™ spacesuit shown is a true integrated life support system that demonstrated durability over multiple stratospheric missions and numerous hard parachute landings.
  • Paragon designed and delivered the Brine Processor Assembly currently on the ISS. This included the controller to interface with the ISS systems and give feedback to engineers on the ground in realtime.