Design & Development

Paragon offers a full range of engineering design services at both the system and component level based on an established Design and Development process to ensure design verification and validation. This process has been refined by numerous projects and decades of experience in the aviation, aerospace, and defense industries.

Modularized Air Systems

Systems Engineering

Paragon provides systems engineering services including requirements analysis, synthesis and decomposition, functional and behavioral analysis, systems sensitivity and trades analysis, full vehicle schematics, and optimization of the complete vehicle – not just the subsystems. Software includes CORE, Microsoft Project, RIDM, Unanet, SysML, MIL-STD-961.

Product Design

Paragon offers product development design through CAD modeling via SolidWorks and production of engineering drawings in compliance with GD&T based on ASME Y14 standards. All product data is controlled via SolidWorks PDM.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Paragon predicts flow regimes, fluid distribution, and pressure drop for laminar & turbulent flows, compressible & incompressible flows, reacting and non-reacting multi-species flows, and single and multi- phase flows. Software packages utilized include ANSYS CFX Multipysics Suite equipped with parallel processing capabilities, Fluent solvers, Gambit, Tgrid, ICEM CFM & CFX mesh processors.

Integrated System Modeling

Mass and energy transport through simple or complex systems is modeled using proprietary software tools developed and applied by Paragon to a wide range of life support and thermal control applications.  The emphasis is on development of useful models that inform the design of systems we develop for our customers.

Structural Design & Analysis

Structural Static and Dynamic analyses (stress, strength, fatigue, buckling, stability, fracture, modal, frequency response, random vibration, vibroacoustic, harmonic, shock response) are performed using proprietary tools and state of the art industry software packages including ANSYS Multiphysics and MSC Nastran.

Human Thermal Modeling

Paragon’s 3-D human thermal analysis tool integrates our human thermoregulatory system model into the Thermal Desktop analysis platform to provide the capability to model crew member, suit geometry, life support hardware/geometry, vehicles or environment into one complete system model. This high level of model integration gives information on interaction between crew member and life support system, complex 3-D interactions, and allows for cost/uncertainty reduction in suit and vehicle design.

Active and Passive Thermal Modeling

Sophisticated thermal modeling techniques and software solve problems such as predicting vehicle performance at Mars surface operating conditions, passive and active control of hypersonic vehicles and satellite systems, and cabin thermal control for human and cargo transport in sea and in space. Software includes Thermal Desktop, ANSYS, and several Paragon analysis tools built in MATLAB, Python, and Fortran.