Mission & Values


Paragon’s mission is to provide solutions for life support and thermal control for extreme environments.


It is excellence, the spirit of invention, and the passion for achieving our vision that drives the team at Paragon.  We are excited about what the future holds for Paragon.  The talent pool from our employees, our success in satisfying our customers, and our ability to fulfill the demands of our unique niche has Paragon poised to accomplish our dreams.  To be paragon in your work is to be a model of excellence, a peerless example.  The origin of the word paragon is sharpening stone, or touchstone, an excellent quality or example that is used to test the excellence or genuineness of others.  As you will read in Paragon’s touchstones, the meaning of the word paragon is incorporated into every action our company takes.


Engender Growth – Employees make Paragon.  We welcome the diversity and talents that each of them bring.  We commit to providing them with the resources to cultivate them and allow them to grow.  Their growth will shape our success.

Good Playground Skills – Be nice to others, make friends, finish what you start, have fun, play fair, and do what makes you proud.

Shoot For the Moon – Work together on significant projects that are inspired by our knowledge and creativity.

Make Our Customers Ask for More – Know our customers focus, anticipate their needs, incorporate their ideas, and provide them higher quality without a higher price.

Be Profitable – Profit is a measure of our customer’s opinion of our value.  To be successful, Paragon must be profitable.  We must have money to fund our dreams, reward our employees, and satisfy our shareholders.

Common Sense – Work smart using your common sense to create innovative and affordable solutions.

Respectful Dissension – Greatness is not achieved through like-mindedness, it is the uniqueness of the individual that makes the team succeed.  Feel free to thoughtfully speak your mind without repercussion.

Pioneer Spirit – Open up new areas of thought.  Pitch in where you are needed.  Lead the way.

Integrity – We will be honest and forthright in the assessment of the risks inherent in any endeavor we undertake.