Life Support and Thermal Control
for Extreme Environments

With the historic first walk on the moon in July 1969, the U.S. proved nothing is impossible. Today, 50 years later, we are again in a race to the moon. As a leader in Life Support and Thermal Control for the last 26 years, Paragon is proud to be a part of NASA’s mission to build a sustainable presence on the moon.
Rendering of Paragon’s ISRU-derived Water Purification and Hydrogen Oxygen Production (IHOP) for NASA.

Dream Chaser
Unmanned Cargo Module
xRAD ™ Radiators

Image courtesy of Sierra Nevada Corporation.

International Space Station
Brine Processor Assembly

Department of Defense
High Energy Storage Solutions

Boeing CST-100
Humidity Control Sub-assembly

StratEx Mission
Prime System Integrator