Paragon Space Development Corporation® awarded U.S. Navy contract for Battery Storage Technology

Paragon Space Development Corporation® awarded U.S. Navy contract for Battery Storage Technology

TUCSON, AZ (July 9, 2019) – Paragon Space Development Corporation (Paragon), has been awarded a U.S. Navy contract to design, build, and test the Coacting High Integrity Material Energetic Release Attenuation (CHIMERA) thermal protection system. A key focus of the Navy has been a protection solution for mitigation of failure effects of high energy storage systems (primarily lithium ion battery systems). CHIMERA is a modular, scalable storage solution which is lightweight and compact, tolerant of high temperature, and can withstand high levels of released energy resulting from a lithium ion battery casualty while mitigating cascade failures.

CHIMERA will increase mission capability and enhance safety by providing a tailorable battery storage capability for the Navy to reduce risk to Navy ships, submarines, and personnel. CHIMERA will provide increased safety and operational capability by using a building block approach where multiple layers of material are customized to mitigate the energy and exhaust products released from battery failures, preventing the spread of the battery casualty. Paragon’s planned analysis and test campaign allows for minimal non-recurring engineering to rescale the CHIMERA system for extension to other applications, including different battery types, custom installation envelopes, and operating environments.

“We are honored to provide advanced technology solutions to protect our country’s military ships and personnel,” said Grant Anderson, President and CEO for Paragon. “Our CHIMERA battery storage solution leverages over a decade of experience and investment in thermal control for extreme environments.”

“This is the kind of cost-effective solution being developed by our very own innovators here in Southern Arizona. The CHIMERA thermal protection system increases safety, contributes to mission success, and expands the critical use of new technology,” said Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick, Representative for Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District.

For over 25 years, Paragon has been a trusted leader in providing extreme environment life support and thermal control solutions – including spacecraft life support systems, thermal control radiators, and next generation cooling systems – to support mission critical operations for space, military and commercial customers around the world.